forcetengale (forcetengale) wrote in 5mjrfoodgroups,

fat fucks unite

yum donuts yum cheese fries yum lets all talk about food i want to eat everything i am a fatasdkfaljsdflkasfj
"Healthy food sucks!"

"Being healthy is stupid."

you guys are full of shit. and a vegetarian diet supplemented with fish is a "PESCETARIAN" and its for health reasons, for people who actually give a shit about whether they want their blood vessels to be clogged when they're forty, or whether they want to take cholesterol pills when they're 35.....

i hope you all die of obesity.

Oh, and don't criticize people who care to eat vegetables and fish just because of the labelling that some people have misused when you're fucking gorging yourself out everyday on cheese fries and lard cakes.
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