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Man. I know I haven't posted here since I started this community, but I tried once and teh computer ate it. That made me angry.

Inthis community we can discuss food really. All kinds. We can post recipes and meal ideas, and we can angstily rant about the trends of todays society. What is up with not eating bread? BREAD IS GOOD AND YUMMY.

I would like to take a moment to discuss sandwiches. I love sand wiches. I eat tunafish sandwiches, PBJs and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Does anyone else eat PBHs?

Anyway, I don't like subs and I don't like ham and cheese or any variant thereof. i do like tuna though. I really like grilled cheese sandwiches. I like toasted PBJs.

However, My favorite kinds of sandwiches are kind of bizarre. First, I love sub sandwiches or wraps that consists of only shredded cheese and tomatoes.
I also love sandwiches with chips on them. The best kind in my opinion is a PBH with Doritos. Oh yummy goodness. That is delicious.

Other chips like BBQ or SCO also taste good on PBJs but the also taste good on plain peanut butter sandwiches. Yes peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches; hey it is good i am not lying. You should try them.

Do you like any bizarre kinds of sandwiches, like pickles and Pb*shudders*(hey I have heard of it).
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