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Hi! I'm new and I love food too. My favorite comfort food is almost any form of creamy potato casserole, with or without cheese.

I do love a good steak, though I'll be honest, if The choice is between the steak and a juicy, roasted chicken with nice golden, crispy skin... I would probably go with the chicken. What am I saying? I would have a bit of both.

My favorite Hot weather foods are BLTs, but don't skimp on the bacon and the tomatoes had better be ripe.
Also, potato salad (my own recipe, I am not a huge fan of mustardy potato salad), marinated cucumbers and of course Ice Cream.

My favorite Cold weather foods are Chili, beef stew, au-gratin Potatoes, cream chipped beef, Roasted chicken, roasted potatoes,broccoli or cauliflower with hollandaise sauce (well, just about anything with hollandaise sauce) homemade bread, and apple crisp.

Being in Minnesota, I have alot of Cold weather Favorites.

I love cooking good food for my family, however, they don't seem very fond of good food. I am convinced that my kids will either grow up thinking I am an awful cook, an excellent cook, or they will come home for dinner and ask me why I never cooked like this when they were kids. "I did, you just wouldn't eat it"
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