"Save a soybean, eat a vegan."

"Doughnuts equal Happiness"

Beef, Cheese, Bread, Potatoes and Ketchup
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Food is good. I like food. Everyone should like food. Contrary to what you may have heard, the five major food groups are Cheese, Beef, Bread, Potatoes, and Ketchup. I like cheese oh and Beef is so good. And beef with cheese. And potatoes. And potatoes with Steak. Potatoes covered with cheese, eaten with steak. Oh, potatoes covered with cheese and smothered in ketchup eaten with steak with a side of garlic bread. That is the best meal ever.

This is a place where people can tak about food, and share cooking tips, recipes, and other cooking secrets. Oh and even cool restaurant info and stories.

These are things we don't like:
Fad Diets
All Carb Diets
No Carb Diets
Fad Diets
Wierd Diets
and other stuff.

It's nothing against you personally, we just don't agree with your way of staying healthy or losing weight. Food is just too good. Oh and can someone answer me something: If you are a vegetarian because of conscientious objection, why do you still eat fish?(yes I have heard of this happening)

Are you trying to say fish don't have feelings, that they aren't animals so it is OK to eat them.


Anyway the real way to stay healthy and thin is to eat a balanced diet. And have smaller portions. You just need to eat enough to not be hungry anymore; you don't need to be full after every meal. Oh and 3 huge meals a day aren't really necessary. AND EXERCISE.
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